A Rachel Ray Kitchen The Tools You Need

You can have a Rachel Ray kitchen with a few tools that you may or may not already have. Why would you want a kitchen like Rachel Ray’s, She’s a top chef on the Food Network, with several bestselling cookbooks, a magazine and her own talk show.

In a few years, Rachel Ray has become a phenomenon. Not only do people like her recipes and the way she cooks, but they like her. That helped her get a talk show where there is some cooking, but lots of chatting with celebrities, too.

The way she cooks is unlike any other chef on TV. She uses cute phrases like EVOO for extra-virgin olive oil, and says things like “Yummo!” And Rachel Ray’s cooking methods are designed for speed and simplicity. This makes her the perfect guru for the average home cook.

For years, Martha Stewart was the name in recipes and kitchen organization. But Rachel Ray’s kitchen organization methods are much more accessible to most people. Where a Martha Stewart recipe is almost certain to be complicated, Rachel Ray recipes are designed to be simple.

So organizing your kitchen like Rachel Ray is as easy as simplifying the way you cook. You’ll want to make sure that everything is in a handy place. The tools that you use regularly should be together near your workspace. Use the top and back cupboards for things you rarely have to reach for.

Also, get one bowl that you designate as your garbage bowl. You can buy an official Rachel Ray garbage bowl that’s a speckled melamine. Or you can use any old plastic bowl that you want to use for it. Her concept of a garbage bowl is one of the best ideas to come to a cooking show in years.

A garbage bowl is a bowl that you keep next to your cutting board as you cook. Food scraps, wrappers and anything that you would normally walk to the garbage can with goes into the garbage bowl. Then when you’re all finished, you dump the contents of the bowl into the garbage.

This keeps you from walking back and forth to the garbage can, if it’s not handy right where you stand and cook. Rachel Ray’s kitchen garbage bowl is just one more concept that helps her create recipes that take only a half an hour, known as her 30 minute meals.

You can also purchase her tools, like non-stick spatulas, spoons and other nylon utensils. Another Rachel Ray items is the stainless steel scraper. This tool makes cooking easier. It has a nice grip that you hold, and then you simply scrape chopped veggies up onto the blade to transfer them to your pan.

While you don’t have to buy Rachel Ray tools, they can help make your kitchen efficient. And it’ll be easier to get your meals cooked in 30 minutes.

Don’t forget the bottle of EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil). This is a common ingredient in her recipes, and a staple in a Rachel Ray kitchen.